BMW Roundel Review of Eezibleed

This review appeared in the BMW Roundel

by Rob Siegel

Bleeding brakes is not the most pleasant of tasks. The fluid stinks, you have to look for air bubbles, someone needs to pump the pedal, you either need to crawl under the car or jack it up and pull off the wheels, and new fluid needs to be put into the reservoir so more air doesn’t get pulled in, ruining the process.

A couple of years ago, pistol-grip vacuum bleeders appeared in many catalogs. These attach to the bleed nipple and, when the pistol-grip is squeezed, apply a suction which pulls the fluid into a container. Their main benefit is perhaps that they do not require your straining your relationship with your significant other when you ask her/him to sit in your front seat and pump the brake pedal a zillion times while you run around from wheel to wheel, add fluid, etc.

Now Gunson, the British manufacturer of automotive do-it-yourself equipment, is marketing the Eezibleed, which consists of a pressurizable container connected via a hose to a screw-on cap for your brake reservoir. You fill the container with new brake fluid, attach the new cap, and pressurize the system with a spare tire, bicycle pump or air compressor. This not only eliminates the need to have someone pump the brakes, but promises to be easier than a pistol-grip system by centralizing the action at the brake reservoir, not at the bleed nipple, and by providing a source of fresh brake fluid.

The distributor warns that the system’s recommended pressure is 20 psi, and that the 36 psi of most tires is too high. Probably the better way for most people to use it is to drop the pressure in the spare tire to 20 psi and hook the system up there.

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